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Manley in the Morning

I was born & raised in Marysville, Washington (the other Marysville).  I am the son of teacher parents so education was pretty important in my family.  I graduated with a B.S. degree in Organizational & Mass Communications from Eastern Washington University (after a lengthy battle over a typing compentency test, which I eventually won).  When I got to college I asked someone who had the best parties and they told me to try the Radio & Television Department.  So I got a job on the campus station and it turns out the guy was right, I got hooked on radio and the rest is the proverbial history.


I'd like to know what you are up too.  Send me an e-mail about your favorite things to do, fun websites you've found, funny stories or gossip you may have heard and things that you and your friends and co-workers are talking about (I can always use the material).  Thanks for listening and thanks for stopping by my page.  By the way if you have any thoughts about stuff you'd like to see here, send me an e-mail. - Manley



Manley's History lesson...



Friday April 24, 2015



National Hairball Awareness Day: 24
*New Kids on The Block Day: 24
National Teach Your Children To Save Day: 24
Satchmo Days: 24-26  
*World Meningitis Day: 24
Arbor Day: 24


*DNA Day: 25
Eeyore's Birthday Day: 25
*Hairstylists Appreciation Day: 25
*Hug A Plumber Day or Plumbers Day: 25
International Marconi Day: 25
*License Plates Day: 25
*National Mani-pedi Day: 25 
*Malaria Awareness Day: 25
National Dance Day: 25
National Go Birding Day: 25
National Herb Day: 25
*Parental Alienation Day: 25
Penguin Day: 25 
National Rebuilding Day: 25
*Red Hat Society Day: 25 
Save The Frogs Day: 25
Sense of Smell Day: 25
Spring Astronomy Day: 25
World Day for Animals in Laboratories: 25
World Healing Day: 25
World Veterinary Day: 25
World Tai Chi & Qigong Day: 25
*World Penguin Day: 25



Do Dah Day (Pasadena): 26 

*National Help A Horse Day: 26
*Audubon Day: 26
Mother, Father Deaf Day: 26 (Last Sunday)
*National Kids and Pets Day: 26 
*National Pretzel Day: 26 
National Pet Parent's Day: 26
Pinhole Photography Day: 26
*Richter Scale Day: 26
*World Intellectual Property Day: 26



This Week is...


International Wildlife Film Week: 18-25
Money Smart Week: 18-25
National Infant Immunization Week (NIIW): 18-25 
National Park Week: 18-26
National Toddler Immunization Week: 18-25
Administrative Professionals Week: 19-25
Animal Cruelty/Human Violence Awareness Week: 19-25
Bedbug Awareness Week:19-25
Coin Week: 19-25
Fibroid Awareness Week: 19-25
Medical Laboratory Professionals Week:19-25

Oral, Head and Neck Cancer Awareness Week: 19-25
National Crime Victims Rights Week: 19-25 
National Environmental Education Week: 19-25
*National Occupational Health Nursing Week: 19-25
National Infertility Awareness Week: 19-25 
National Karaoke Week: 19-25
National Pet ID Week: 19-25
National Princess Week:19-25
Sky Awareness Week: 19-25  
National Paperboard Packaging Week: 20-24
National Playground Safety Week: 20-24
National Work Zone Safety Awareness Week: 20-25
Safe Kids Week: 20-25
Spring Astronomy Week: 20-26
World Week of Action for Animals in Laboratories: 20-26



Mike's Blog De Jour


It's "Talk Like Shakespeare Day" so here's a list of Shakespearian insults that you can make yourself and use on your friends and co-workers.



Nearly Impossible Quiz:



Friday April 23, 2015


Q:  A new survey shows that 53% of kids get this by age 6.  What is it?


A:  A cell phone.

Hollywood Hoopla


and other stuff I thought you'd like to know...



Friday April 24, 2015


  • A woman is suing Mila Kunis, claiming she was friends with Kunis when they were children in Ukraine, and one day her pet chicken disappeared. She says Mila stole it.
  • The Hillary Duff/Mike Comrie divorce is sliding into the nasty phase, as the two battle for custody of their 3-year-old son.
  • Hillary Clinton's "Scooby" van was reportedly clocked at going 92 miles an hour last week on a New Hampshire highway.
  • According to a new study, employees who make love two or three times a week earn 4.5% more than those who don't.
  • New census numbers show that the U.S. has added 51 million people over the past 8 years as immigrants.
  • A Michigan woman has been sentenced to three years in prison for firing a handgun inside a McDonald's when her bacon cheeseburger didn't have any bacon. And McDonald's has banned her from its restaurants for life Remember -- just ask for the bacon.


In Case You Missed It...




( Your sleeping position can reveal what sort of personality you are? Even better, it can reveal what sort of personality your partner has.


Curled up on your side
This fetal position is the most common with 41% of the population sleeping this way. (twice as many women as men). People that sleep like this may seem tough on the surface but they are shy and sensitive.


On your side, straight as a log
15% of people are space-saving sleepers they tend to be extremely trusting and gregarious.


Arms outstretched and sideways
Beware, the 13% of people who sleep like this are cynical and slow to make decisions, but once they do make a decision to commit, they're sure.


On your back with arms at sides
Only 8% of people sleep like this. They are reserved and have very high standards.


On your stomach
With their arms wrapped around the pillow, 7% of people sleep like this. These are the party animals!


On your back, with arms overhead
The rarest of all sleep positions, only 5% of the population sleep this way. They also have a very rare quality, they are good listeners.


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