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Manley in the Morning

I was born & raised in Marysville, Washington (the other Marysville).  I am the son of teacher parents so education was pretty important in my family.  I graduated with a B.S. degree in Organizational & Mass Communications from Eastern Washington University (after a lengthy battle over a typing compentency test, which I eventually won).  When I got to college I asked someone who had the best parties and they told me to try the Radio & Television Department.  So I got a job on the campus station and it turns out the guy was right, I got hooked on radio and the rest is the proverbial history.


I'd like to know what you are up too.  Send me an e-mail about your favorite things to do, fun websites you've found, funny stories or gossip you may have heard and things that you and your friends and co-workers are talking about (I can always use the material).  Thanks for listening and thanks for stopping by my page.  By the way if you have any thoughts about stuff you'd like to see here, send me an e-mail. - Manley



Manley's History lesson...


Monday March 30, 2015



*Doctors Day: 30  Link
*Grass Is Always Browner On The Other Side Of The Fence Day:  30
*I Am In Control Day: 30 Link
*Pencil Day: 30
*Torrents Day: 30 Link
*World Bi-polar Day: 30





Nano Days: 28-4/5
National Protocol Officer's Week: 29-4/4  (Last Week)
National Week of the Ocean: 29-4/4



Mike's Blog De Jour



Nearly Impossible Quiz:


Monday March 30, 2015


Q:  3 to 5 of these a day can lower your risk of Alzheimer’s by 20%.  What are they?


A:  Cups of coffee


Alternate answers:  Bananas… Servings of protein… Glasses of wine

Hollywood Hoopla


and other stuff I thought you'd like to know...



Monday March 30, 2015


  • NBC is going to bring back the series "Coach" with Craig T. Nellson for a 13-week mini-run.
  • Ben Stiller says he feels bad that he was feuding with Joan Rivers when she died and they never made good.
  • Zayn Malik may have had one foot out of the One Direction door for some time. Within hours of announcing he was leaving the group, he was in a recording studio working on some solo stuff.
  • Bank of America has cut their CEO's pay by 7%.
  • The Frappuccino is celebrating its 20th birthday this week at Starbucks.
  • Senator Harry Reid says he's done and will not seek re-election next year.
  • In England, hospitals have banned time off in November... because that would be 9 months after the release of "50 Shades of Grey" and they're figuring there will be a baby boom that month.
  • Walgreens says it will no longer require cashiers to say "Be well" to customers who are leaving the store.
  • "Teen Mom" star Farrah Abraham says she wants to become a plastic surgeon someday.

In Case You Missed It...




While the percentage of taxpayers who are audited by the Internal Revenue Service is almost infinitesimal -- less than 1 percent -- if you're one of them, it's a big, big deal. And it's not just wheelers and dealers who get audited. The average Joe who makes a typo on his tax return or the harried mom who forgets to include the 1099 form from her stock broker are setting themselves up for trouble. Here are five red flags that could lead to an audit:


1. You make too much money.
Ah, such a problem we should all have! But if you do have a higher-than-average income, which is considered $200,000 and up, you have more opportunities and possibly a greater temptation to cheat--and the IRS knows this.


2. Your charitable deductions are too high.

You may be proud of tithing to your church, but if you donate significantly more than other taxpayers at your income level, it could trigger an audit. This fear should not stop you from giving to your favorite charities; instead, be sure to document every dollar you donate.


3. Your mortgage interest deduction is too high.
You purchased a big house in an area known for high real estate prices, but if your mortgage interest deduction is far higher than other taxpayers in your income bracket, beware. The IRS will notice that and could think something is fishy.


4. Oops! You made a typo on your tax return.
Geez, it was a simple arithmetic mistake, but the IRS doesn't see it that way. Simple errors--be they mathematical or a typo in your Social Security number, for example--will draw the scrutiny of the IRS. Your best defense is to carefully check your return before submitting it.


5. You forgot to report some of your income.
All non-wage income, such as capital gains or a dividend payout, will be reported to the IRS on a 1099 form, which you will also receive. Just be sure you include that on your tax return so the amount you claim you earned for the year matches what the IRS thinks you earned.

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